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Custom LED Demo Case

  • ITEM Name.: LED Demo Case
  • Product name: Custom LED Demo Cse


  • 1. Complete test functions:It can test LED and traditional lights concurrently with data display about correlation data including voltage,current,power,power factor,annual consumption,frequency,etc. The energy-saving effects of LED products will be clear at a glance.;
  • 2. Wide applicability:Demo Case can configure various sockets(E40,E27,E17,E14,E12,MR16,GU10,B22,G24,G9,G4,T8,T5,etc) and multi-function cable clamps(AC for LED,DC12V for MR16, G4,etc). It is suitable for test & display of various LED lights.;
  • 3. Wide voltage range:AC85V-270V,DC5V-24V;
  • 4. Simple operation:LED demo case is connected with various switches,dimmers,Safety device,wire circuit,etc. It can be used directly when you connected the power supply and installed the lights;
  • 5. Attractive and durable:Appearance of each case can be individually designed,the materials use MDF in high density board and aluminums alloy frames;
  • 6. The configuration of the display cases have pull rods and rollers,so it's easy for long-distance travelling.;



LED Neon Flex LED Demo case LED Module

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