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SMD 3030 Curtain Rigid LED Strip

  • ITEM NO.: CR-LRS-3030-12/24
  • Product name: DC12V/24V 3030 curtain rigid led bar
  • Size: 1000*17mm(actual size 950mm)


  • 1. 3030 LEDs can be cut each one LED;
  • 2. With perfect optical design, big view angle, high brightness;
  • 3. Uniform and soft luminosity distribution, no glare design;
  • 4. No strobe and noise in the work;
  • 5. Using aluminum bar booth, fixed both ends’ screws or neutral glass glue to paste up, hidden installation will be good. Easy and simple operation;
  • 6. DC24V input, can be directly contact with the human body, safe operation, convenient maintenance;
  • 7. The outer shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy,the lamp board is made of aluminum board, and the multi-layer space is designed to ensure good heat dissipation effect and longer lifespan.


Commercial advertising light boxes, Advertising sign cabinets, Billboards, signboards, Menu Sign Light boxes, Bus shelter light boxes, Large channel letter Lighting, Airport, metro light boxes, Large Signage display, Any single or double signs.


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